Don Davis is a Contemporary  Abstract Expressionist painter living and working in Los Angeles, CA--by way of Houston, TX.  Due to his father's work he spent his youth overseas, where he saw the great cities of Europe and lived in Libya and Egypt.  As a young man his love of music, theatre, cinema and pop culture led directly to a career in the film and television business.  Upon relocating to Southern California, he found that the meeting of sun, sand and sea evoked childhood remembrances so primal, they felt as if from another lifetime.

   This breadth of experience has served to shape his approach to painting.  Fascinated by America's emergence as the center of the art world after WW II, Davis places his painting firmly in the tradition of the New York School.

   Believing that Abstract Expressionism is as relevant and vital today as ever, his work unites its two seemingly disparate branches.  Blending the heavy impasto and gestural freedom of action painting with the reverence for pure color found in color field, he produces dramatic, lyrical and emotionally powerful images in his own signature style.

   A Los Angeles Art Association Member Artist, Davis is represented in collections in Rome, Paris and across Southern California.

Requiem For David Bowie(Cr).jpg